Jewellery Care

We hope that you will enjoy your Apples & Figs jewellery for years to come, for this proper care and cleaning is very important. Please find our tips below:

All Jewellery

  • Protect your Apples & Figs jewellery from impact with hard or abrasive surfaces.
  • We advise to remove all jewellery when asleep at night.
  • We advise to always take off your jewellery when applying cosmetics and perfume, when taking a shower, during intensive physical activities, bathing or swimming. Remember that contact with cosmetics, perfumes, household chemicals and extreme temperatures can damage fine & fashion jewelry.
  • Store your Apples & Figs jewellery in a clean and dry fabric lined pouch or box when you are not wearing it.
  • Jewellery with gemstones or pearls should be stored in individual compartments to avoid scratching / rubbing against one another
  • We advise to not store your sterling silver pieces in damp and hot conditions, if the weather conditions require this, in this case please store your jewellery separately in air tight plastic bags to reduce the effects of discoloration and tarnish.


  • Occasionally clean your gemstone jewellery with a soft lint-free cleaning cloth to wipe away salts and oils.
  • When taking off your gemstone jewellery, do not pull on the stones instead remove it from the metal section.
  • Pearls, amber, corals and any other organic gemstones sould only be wiped clean, these gems will be soft and permeable. Take extra care with your organic gemstones as chemicals, cosmetics, perfume, skin and hair products could damage and stain them easily.
  • Opal gems also require special care, avoid using heat, ammonia, ultrasonic and strong lights.
  • Opaque gems such as Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli may get discoloured by the use of chemicals and soap. We advise to gently wipe these gems with a moist cloth.
  • Please have in mind that some gemstones are less harder and less stronger than some others, therefore can be more prone to scratching. Please take special care when wearing gemstone jewellery in general.